Agents threaten FIFA with legal action over transfer payment cap plans

Directing operators, including Mino Raiola, Jorge Mendes, and Jonathan Barnett, scared FIFA with a claim over plans to restrict transfer amounts.

In September, FIFA declared plans to limit trades organization agents to a minimum of 10% of the transfer payment.

In counting, FIFA needs 3% of player charges and 3% of player charges for purchasing club agents.

“We need justice,” complained Barnett. “FIFA needs to recognize us and treat us properly.”

FIFA news reports a recording £ 5.6 billion consumed on tickets in 2019

FIFA needs to recognize its plans, maybe, then the attached period, but Barnett, reproducing popular players, including Gareth Bale and goalkeeper England  Jordan Pickford, joined: “The fact is that FIFA does not know accurately what the attorney is doing.

“None of FIFA has always occurred in my office and spoke to me.

“If you question the players what they need, they stand for agents. There are nevermore objections about awards from players.

“We will analyze to explain the query until the last minute, but relax proved if assured, we will run to all the governments of the world.”

Agents were between the 200-strong characters in Barnet.

Raiola and Barnett were the role of a little conflict in advance at which all the agents present were said to be joined in their challenger to FIFA aims.

“For the first time, we accepted on a general policy concerning FIFA programs,” said Mel Stein, president of the Association of Football Agents for life.

“We will address to them mutually to inform them that as soon as the official, consultative method starts, in which all parties can present their proposals for attention, we will be delighted to meet with them.”

“For us, it conducts a total, resolute message to FIFA about where we are on this effect.”

In reply, FIFA said: “We are trying for a policy of balanced and reasonable regulation rather of the current law of the jungle, in which conflicts of interest spread and exorbitant“ commissions ”are earned left and right.

“In the past year alone, football agents have earned $ 653.9 million (£ 498.2 million), four times more than in 2015.”

FIFA said it suggests “reasonable, inexpensive, normal, proportionate and basic“ rules ”to defend the attention of players and the universal concerns of football.”

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