Coronavirus in the U.S.: 11 Confirmed Cases

(CNN) Health officials on Sunday announced three more cases of coronavirus in California, bringing the total number of staff to six, and the total number of countries to 11 cases.

Late Sunday, a San Benito County official said that a man who had recently arrived from Wuhan, China, and his wife were confirmed to have contracted the virus and isolated themselves in their home.

As I understand it, there is currently absolutely no risk to the San Benito community from the coronavirus from these confirmed cases. ”

According to Fentersheyba, the couple has remained at home since the arrival of the man.

Although on Sunday, administrators verified that a woman who had freshly flown from Wuhan to Santa Clara County also had an infection. She’s another case in the province – while administrators said circumstances were irrelevant. There are two other verified claims in Orange and Los Angeles divisions.

(WHO) the World Health Organization declared this week’s public health emergency of worldwide interest. The United States and plenty of nations started evacuating their citizens on flights from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province in China, where the infection was first identified.

A Level 4 Tourism Council The United States also circulated, informing citizens that they should not go to China, calculating that most popular carriers have decreased or delayed flyings to and from the country.

11 cases in the USA

The diagnosis of the San Benito couple is the second transmission of the virus from person to person.

January 13 in Chicago, a lady she is the upper 60 has appeared after she turned from Wuhan. She is in the clinic and appears “pretty normal,” her experts said.

Last week, the Center for Disease Control confirmed that she transmitted the virus to her husband, who had not traveled to China. He said that he had been in close contact with his wife for a long period of time when she had symptoms. A student at the Boston University of Massachusetts campus was an eight confirmed case. There were two other confirmed cases of coronavirus: one in Arizona, which officials called an “adult member” of the University of Arizona community, and one in Washington, a man aged 30 who sought treatment after returning. from Wuhan.



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