Jennifer Lopez’s golden year

If Jennifer Lopez performs at the break of the Super Bowl show with Shakira on Sunday evening in Miami, we will definitely see an epic performance. In the end, when J-Lo performs – whether on stage, on-camera or storming an airstrip – all heads turn. Last year, the 50-year-old star proved again and again why a woman’s beauty, vitality, and career do not need an expiration date.

Let’s start with the dress. It was 2000 at the Grammy Awards. That was when Sean Combs was still Puffy, Beyoncé was a member of Destiny’s Child, and Christina Aguilera abruptly defeated Britney in the Best New Artist nomination that night. But not a single star or news could overshadow Lopez, who made an unforgettable trip to the red carpet in a Versace tropical print dress.

The skirt was made to the center and looked to start different satisfaction with a thoroughly courageous way. Fitted (almost) with double-sided tape, the dress was bold, with a bare stomach showing V (it should be noted that Jerry Halliwell wore the same dress a month before there was a lot of excitement.)

But the real coup was the figure of Jay Law in this dress; after decades of skinny white women who became a model of beauty, her bends became a signal of the beginning of a new era when, with the support of the Internet, women of all shapes, sizes and colors demanded that they be seen in their diverse beauty.

This time, however, the message was about age. While many women in the spotlight are encouraged (either silently or not) to think of aging as a defect, Lopez once again reminds us that her beauty – and her strength – are her one to determine, and ours to appreciate. An actress born in the Bronx said her parents, dad, who worked at night, and the mother who sold Tupperware when Lopez was young, hoped she would become a lawyer.

Instead, she chose a superstar, going from the dancer “Bat” and “New Kids on the Block” to a diversified diva with the strongest work ethic in the business. With longevity came dizzying highs and a few noticeable lows – a painful dialogue at the box office in 2003 defeating Gigli for one thing – but her 50th birthday was marked by a truly golden year, especially for her turn in the film directed by Lauren Scafaria “The Hustlers.”

Based on the true story of a team of exotic dancers who started drugging wealthy Wall Street men to make the most of their credit cards, Lopez threw herself on a grueling six-week pylon dance course. While training with the acrobat Cirque du Soleil, she picked up bruises on the thighs and muscles that most of us don’t even know to exist to perform gymnastics that defies gravity.

The first few minutes of screen time, Joe-Lo – a neon-striptease strip that contains everything about Ramona’s ability to have power – are some of the most indelible in her career: “Doesn’t money excite you?” She purrs as she pursues backstage, littered with dollar bills. The film took $ 33.2 million on the first weekend.

But “Hustlers” was just one success in a year that was successful even by J-Lo’s standards: the 2019 Grammy was an amazing Motown mix where she performed with Smokey Robinson. She killed Met Gal in a crystal dripping Versace’s dress and a hat – essentially wearing a giant diamond to match the huge stone on her finger that announced the engagement to baseball champion Yankee Alex Rodriguez. (A. Rod posted a photo of his proposal on the beach in the Bahamas with the words “block him.”)


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