Jill Biden says she no longer considers Lindsey Graham a friend

Former another lady Jill Biden spoke Monday that she no great judges herself the sweetheart of Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who was exploring an inquiry into her hubby and stepson.

President Donald Trump tries to put stress on Ukraine to inquiry about the case of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, his implied opponent in the 2020 common election, who are at the center of the impeachment trial. Trump and his associates have regularly made silly and false reports that Biden represented dishonesty in Ukraine.

Jill Biden told  John Berman on New Day on Monday that Graham’s repeated attacks on her family exacerbated their relationship.

“Lindsay Graham, a senator from South Carolina whom I think you consider your friend,” Berman said before Jill Biden intervened.

“We did, yes,” she said.

And we were great friends and friends with John McCain, ”she added. “I mean, we traveled with the (Senate) Committee on Foreign Relations. We had lunch. You know, and now he has changed. ”

Berman asked

“You know, it’s hard when you, I don’t know, think someone else, and then they say so much negativity. And that … it was a little disappointing. ”

In November, Joe Biden told  Don Limon that he was “embarrassed” by Graham because of his willingness to comply with Trump’s order and investigate the actions of the former vice president in Ukraine.


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