Kim Kardashian ‘solutionwear’ brand Skims to launch in stores across the US

KIm Kardashian West has announced a deal with Nordstrom, an American retailer, for the first time to present its Skims range in regular stores.

Products from the famous Solution wear brand, which is currently only available through the label’s own website, will be available at 25 Nordstrom stores across America from February 5th.

Launched in September, Skims specializes in skin-tight clothing and body wear, and has been noted for satisfying a variety of skin sizes and shades. The range also includes underwear, leisurewear, and accessories.

Announcing exclusive partnerships on videos posted on both brands’ social networks, Kardashian West praised Nordstrom’s “inclusive size offer”, adding: “I know this is an important shared value that Skims has, and I really wanted to launch it with a full assortment. sizes and colors.

“It’s such a natural choice for me to choose Nordstrom as the first Skims retail partner,” she said.

Skims will only be saved in a modest number of Nordstrom locations in North America, although they will also be accessible on the dealer’s website. According to The Wall Street Journal, the common client duration is 43 years. The Nordstrom buyer base can be seen as a way to grow the market for the Kardashian West brand.

The progress from online to fleshly markets also follows the strategy proceeded by the KKW star attraction route.

Launched in 2017, the line of cosmetics and the accompanying fragrance began with sales only on the Internet, after which Kardashian West announced the conclusion of a deal with the Ulta Beauty American network last year.

Skims were creatively started following the name Kimono last June. But the selection of names turned out to be suspect, advising prosecutions of cultural support and generating the hashtag #KimOhNo.

The quarrel prompted Mayor Kyoto Daisaku Kadokawa to write an open letter to the West Kardashian, urging her to “reconsider” her choice of name by writing: “Kimono is a traditional ethnic dress based on our rich nature and history thanks to the tireless efforts of our predecessors. and studying, and this is a culture that was cherished and conveyed with care. ”

Japan also declared that it is transferring protection managers to the United States to review this upshot.

In August,  advertised that the name had replaced to Skims Solutionwear. Kardashian West, which Forbes views are meriting $ 370 million,


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