Lack of diversity ‘pressures’ Yang to talk race

It is a difficulty that Andrew Yang has not noticed happening, but is starting to contain: doing the last painted nominee for the Republican primary with significant relief.

For most of the main period, by chance, Yang spoke about running, it was largely to perform Asian jokes. He is stuck to his food and butter difficulty and his federal direction: the warning of computer industrialization and an astronomical essential income.

But doing the only character of shade on the picture of the discussion in December and seeing nearby as the other applicants of shade ended their operations, Yang began to feel “a few more trouble” to talk about the race in a process that ‘it hasn’t before.

The legend stays underneath

The race has not been the center of my operations from the derivation, ”Yang told POLITICO in an interview. But, “it is also natural to talk about it when you are actually the only person of color on a public discussion platform. It was essential to be the only form of color on the picture in December.” “I was very conscious that I was the only competitor of the color [in the debate], and I said it was an honor and a failure.

For weeks, Yang and his campaign have criticized the demands of the National Democratic Committee – in particular its voting threshold – which excluded it from Tuesday’s debate. It is a change of course for the candidate turned entrepreneur: during an appearance with journalists and editors of POLITICO in September, Yang described the party’s rules of debate as “fair and transparent” and “incredibly useful because then you just know what to aim for. ”

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But Yang said in the interview that he has come to recognize the toll he thinks the demands of the DNC have had on diversity in the debates. The six participating candidates on Tuesday are white.

Yang said the composition of the field reflects greater disparities between whites and people of color in the United States.

“We have set a remarkably inclusive and frankly low bar throughout the campaigns and I am proud of it. And as a result, we have had the most diverse field in American history, “President Tom Perez told CNN on Tuesday.

Yang is not deterred by the story of his “fellow” and “sibling” Senator Cory Booker who cut out this week. Booker cited economic pressures as the cause for his exit from the race, a difficulty that Yang did not attack after raising $ 16.5 million in the last part of 2019.

The DNC did not publish any demands for any of the three matches in February, including how the effects of the Iowa meeting will be driven into account. Although Yang said he was sure he would be qualified for them. At the same time, Yang argued that the debates are not a break for his campaign.

“Whenever you have the chance to speak to a large number of Americans, this is a great opportunity,” he said. “Debates are useful, but I don’t think they are as essential to the process as they could have been.” in another cycle, or frankly, to another type of candidate or campaign. ”

Yang’s support base, although it does not seem large, has proven to be deep enough to collect huge sums of money, essentially whenever he requests it.

And if there is no movement on the debate front, Yang said his campaign will try to become “less dependent” on mainstream media to be exposed.

“If you look at the progress of this campaign,” he said, “we discovered non-traditional media and podcast interviews – the most popular of which have been viewed millions of times in front of an audience comparable to that of ‘a debate”.


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