This 1 chart explains how bad Fox News is for our politics

(CNN) If you turned Fox News on Thursday evening to catch the ongoing Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump – only for the third time in American history the president has come across such a process – you were very disappointed.

Fox did not show the court – like CNN and MSNBC. Rather, Fox ran its usual prime-time pro-Trump series of voices when the method was restricted to a small screen angle without sound. Sean Hannity, the main host of the network, called the entire impeachment lawsuit “snooze fest”. Last night, when Fox ran again in his prime time, and not live about the impeachment lawsuit, Hannity remarked: “If I were a terrible host. I would make you endure viewing regurgitation, return … the madness that has quit all day. ”

If you have not spent the earlier some times on another planet, this programming decision will not amaze you. Fox tirelessly supported and protected Trump – and he replied similarly, according to his owners the coveted transcripts.

But what’s scary about how Fox News decides to cover (or not cover) the impeachment trial is revealed in a new poll from the Pew Research Center, which studies media trust (or lack thereof).


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